Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Damion Easley Re-Signed

The Mets have also decided to bring back Damion Easley back for the 2008 season. Mets GM Omar Minaya said:

“Damion Easley is a valuable component to the team, in the infield, the outfielder or off the bench. He’s completely recovered from his injury and should be ready to go by spring training.”

During the 2007 season Easley hit .280 with 10 HR in 193 at-bats. Easley was a key player off of the bech for the mets until he got injured in august and missed the last 40 games of the season.

Alou Returns

Today, the New York Mets excercised the 7.5 Million dollar option on Moises Alou. In 2007, Alou batted .341 with 13 HR, 19 doubles and 49 RBI in 328 at-bats and 87 games. During the time that Alou was inserted into our lineup, we had a very good offense. The time that he was injured, it seemed that we had to struggle to get 3 runs against mediocre pitchers. What im trying to say is that he was a huge help in 2007 and it was a very wise decision to excercise this option. So what if the man is 41! He can RAKE!

Mets have interest in Jorge Posada

The Mets have interest in Jorge Posada. Inderstand why they do (.338AVG),but I just dont feel they need to sign a 36 yr old aging catcher that just came off a career year. He will be majorly overpriced and wont do well at Shea. Posada only had 20 hrs in Yankee Stadium and their stadium has a very short porch in RF. Hale also reprted that The Mets spoke with the agent of Paul Lo Duca and they told his agent that there was some kind of interest.

Do you think we should go after Jorge or Re-Sign Lo Duca?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Take Him!

Hey Braves Fans, you can have him! No, seriously take him. Do you want to know why we dont want him? Well its quite simple. We would rather have the 18th overall pick in the draft than a 40 yr old man going into his last season in the majors. So go ahead.. PLEASE sign Tom Glavine. This is basically a good trade for us. Plus we get to pick the player that we would like to aquire..HA!

The same process happened for obtaining Moises Alous' services. Because Alou was a Type A free agent last winter, The Mets had to forefit the rights to their first round pick. But, we got lucky, The Indians saw something in Roberto Hernandez and The Orioles saw something in Chad Bradford. Since those two teams signed those two players, the Mets recieved the 42nd and 44th overall picks in the 07 draft. With those picks The Mets drafted Eddie Kuntz Nathan Vineyard. Hopefully we can get some good young talent with international free agent signings and in the 08 MLB Draft.

Managers on the Move

Joe Girardi signed a three year deal to Manage the New York Yankees. Good Luck with that..
Some speculate that Torre will manage the Los Angeles Dodgers for three years also. I think this would be bad for the mets. The Dodgers already have the young players and with some veterans that Torre would be sure to bring in, they would be a major threat in the NL. Don Mattingly will most likely follow Torre to LA.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Braves already Active in the Trade Market

Today The Tigers acquired SS Edgar Renteria from Braves in exchange for RHP Jair Jurrjens and OF Gorkys Hernandez. Jurrjens started seven games for the Tigers in 2007, compiling a 3-1 record and 4.70 ERA (30.2IP/16ER). In 19 starts with Double-A Erie last season, Jurrjens finished 7-5 with a 3.20 ERA (112.2IP/40ER).
Hernandez spent the entire 2007 season with Class A West Michigan and he batted .293 (141-for-481) with 84 runs scored, 25 doubles, five triples, four home runs, 50 RBIs and 54 stolen bases in 124 games.

To me, I take this a a salary cut. I foresee The Braves using the freed up money on Tom Glavine or a CenterFielder. I really don't like seeing the braves aquire young prospects. But I love to see them part with a player that hit over.330 in 2007, especially if they trade him out of our dividion. I hope these two prospects flop like free willy in the ocean...

Lo Duca Still has a chance at a Championship?

Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca still has a shot at a championship in late October; but it won’t be a World Series. In case you forgot, the Mets suffered the second worse collape in MLB history a short month ago. Nowadays, he’s focusing his attention on another sport.
Lo Duca co-owns a horse that is racing in the Breeder’s Cup Juvenile Fillies division tomorrow. His name is Grace Anatomy — an obvious homage to the hit ABC show Grace Under Fire — and he’ll take on a field of 13 other Fillies at Monmouth Park in New Jersey.
As of this morning, the odds of a Grace Anatomy win is 10-1 and ESPN’s Jeremy Plonk actually lists Grace as his favorite at a respectable 5-2. But knowing Lo Duca’s track record against other Fillies this year, I’d look for Grace Anatomy to sustain a lead for the first mile or so and eventually fade into second down the stretch.
For the record, I’ll pick Indian Blessing to Win, Grace Anatomy to Place & Proud Spell to Show. Now cough up $18, head to the Turf Club and put a $3 trifecta box on it. Trust me.
Thanks to "Tartans" for the link..

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Breaking News: A-Rod says Good-Bye

Alex Rodrigues notified Sports Ilustrated that he will opt out of his contract. Scott Boras sent word of the opt-out in writing and left phone and text messages for general manager Brian Cashman on Sunday, according to a report published on the A-Rod led the Major Leagues with 54 home runs, 156 RBIs and 143 runs scored this season. He also batted .314.

I would absolutely love to see A-Rod in Flushing next season. He would solidify our lineup tremendously and would attract truckloads of money for Mr. Wilpon. David Wright has said that he would'nt mind changing positions to accomodate the potential AL MVP. Heres my plan. Sign A-Rod to as much money that he wants, move David Wright to second base and you have a line-up of:
  • SS Jose Reyes
  • RF Lastings Milledge
  • 2B David Wright
  • 3B Alex Rodriguez
  • CF Carlos Beltran
  • RF Moises Alou
  • 1B Carlos Delgado
  • C Paul Lo Duca
  • Pitchers Spot
If you dont get butterflies by reading that lineup, you are not a real Mets fan. Some people might argue that the Mets should not try to be the yankees, but signing Mr. Rodriguez would give us the leverage to get to the next level. Just add one or two bullpen arms this off-season and we will be poised to make a Championship Run in 08!
What do you think?

Stud or Dud?

Phillip Humber. Will he be the #1 or #2 starter that many people think he will be. Or will he be just another Mets prospect that doesnt pan out, or just another prospect that prospers after a dumbass trade?

What are your opinions?

Im sorry.

Im sorry I havent posted lately. My Computer had so many viruses that i had to refresh the whole thing. I will be posting regularly again.

Oh yeah... Also please spread the word about this blog I would appreciate it very much.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tad Iguchi?

Tadihito Iguchi declined the phillies offer to have him start at third base for them in 2008. His reasoning for declining is that he wants to stay at second base. well that is perfect for the Mets. He plays solid defense and appears to be a team player by playing third base for the phillies last year while he would rather play second. The Mets should seriously consider tad. i think he would solidify the second spot in the batting order and he did show some pop in his bat while with the white sox. Either Tad or Luis Castillo should be starting 2B next year. what do you think?

2007 Mets Prospect Production Hitters Edition

I said earlier in the week that i would post the production of The Mets top hitting performances and prospects of their 2007 minor league seasons.. so here you go.

Triple AAA New Orleans Zyphers
SS/2B Anderson Hernandez .301 AVG 5 HR 42 RBI 16 SB 128 GP
OF Carlos Gomez .286 AVG 2 HR 13 RBI 17 SB 36 GP
OF Ben Johnson 271 AVG 2 HR 12 RBI 53 GP
Double AA Binghamtom Mets
OF Corey Coles .296 AVG 1 HR 22 RBI
OF Fernando Martinez .271 RBI 4 HR 21 RBI
1B Mike Carp .251 AVG 11 HR 49 RBI
Single A St. Lucie Mets
SS Jose Castro .318 AVG 2HR 25 RBI 77 GP
1B Nick Evans .286 AVG 15 HR 54 RBI 103 GP
3B Dan Murphy .285 AVG 11 HR 78 RBI 135 GP
2B Emmanuel Garcia .256 AVG 0 HR 31 RBI 34 SB 130 GP
This system seems very week to me...

Posada to test market

Jorge Posada is an outstanding basball player- no doubt- but he will not be a met come april 2008. He has never played for any other team besides the Yankees and he has too much loyalty to the organization and its players that have been there since the beginning of it all in 1996.

Go over to for more info on posada, The Mets and Marlins...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Mets Prospect Production Pitchers Edition 07

The Mets farm system is described as sugar-coated. To put that in plain english, there are some top prospects in our system but not too much after that. I think the mets farm system is about the middle of the pack as far as ranking from 1-30 (30 mlb teams). I was curious as to how well the prospects did this year. So i decided to gather some information and share it with you...


  • Phillip Humber 11-9 4.27 ERA 120k/139.0IP
  • Mike Pelfrey 3-6 4.01 ERA 56K/ 74.0IP
  • Kevin Mulvey 1-0 0.00 ERA 3K/6.0IP
  • Jason Vargas 9-7 4.97 ERA 108K/125.0IP


  • Kevin Mulvey 11-10 3.32 ERA 110K/151.2IP
  • Carlos Muniz 2-4 2.45 ERA 62K/58.2IP
  • Tim Mcnabb 7-5 2.92 ERA 42K/74.0IP

High A

  • Eric Brown 10-8 4.13 ERA 68K/143.2IP
  • Johnathan Niese 11-7 4.29 ERA 110K/134.1IP
  • Deolis Guerra 2-6 4.01 ERA 66K/89.2IP
  • Jacob Ruckle 6-6 3.48 ERA 45K/85.1IP
  • Tobi Stoner 4-5 4.90 ERA 57K/82.2IP
  • German Marte 5-3 3.50 ERA 64K/61.2IP
  • Joe Heitpas 4-3 2.47 ERA 22K/43.2IP

Ill try to do the Position players sometime within the next few days.

Larussa Back in St Louis

According to, a source cites that Tony Larussa will manage the St Louis Cardinals for atleast a few more seasons. Rumors were flying around saying that Larussa might jump ship to manage the Yankees. You can put that rumor to rest.

Also, Joe Girardi is set to interview for managers position for the NYY.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Delayed Posting

Sorry I havent posted in the past two days. Today is my birthday and Ill be out all day. Maybe ill post a lil something when I get home later on.. but there is one thing I want to ask.. How bout them Red Sox?! =]

Friday, October 19, 2007

Injury Update

According to and Orlando El Duque Hernandez had a "bunion" removed from his toe today in New York City. He will be ready for Spring Training 08.

Burgos will be out for most of the 08 season because of tommy john surgery.

Duaner Sanchez might play Winter League Ball and will be ready for spring training.

Thanks to for the info...

How Good is He?

How good is he you ask? Last night he went 8 Innings with 1ER and 11 k's thats just spectacular. The Mets didn't have such a dominating performance this season. Becketts career numbers are 77-52 with a 3.74 era. Not to mention his 20-7 career year he had for Boston in 07. Beckett only cost the Sox Hanley Ramierez and Anibal Sanchez but it has seemed to work out for both teams so far. It will be well worth it if Boston goes to the

Man I hope that the Red Sox get into the World Series!

BIG Bonds*

It has been long speculated that Bonds has recieved and used steroids in the past.. normal 40-somethings dont look like this..

That, to me, is mind boggiling. I'm not saying that he does or did steroids.. but thats just crazy.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Whos In Right Field For 08

Lastings Miledge is the favorite to be the starting right fielder in 2008.. thats if hes not traded for a pitcher.

He hit .272..7 HRS..29 RBIS..184 AB in 59 Games. So if you multiply his production by 3 you get .272 AVG/21 HR/87 RBI /552 PA.. Thats pretty damn good if you ask me. Plus, 552 At Bats is not even a full season as a starter so he may do better than that..
Aaron Rowand was a key player for the Philledelphia Phillies. He played a very good center field and is the scrappy type of player that the mets need. Rowand Batted .309/27 HR/ 89 RBI/ 612 AB in 161 games...
Thats pretty good too, But you can't put a price sign on the way he plays the game...
Who should the Mets put in Right Field for the 2008 season?

Joe Torre Declines 1-Yr Offer

Joe Torre declined a one year deal of 5 million dollars with incentives and will not manage the New York Yankees for the 2008 season. It appears that the front runners for his position are Joe Garardi and Don Mattingly.

Joe Gararidi managed the marlins in 2006 and ended up being the NL Manager of the year.
Don Mattingly is currently the bench coach of the New York Yankees and might make sense because he already has relationships with the players.
Does this effect the NYY free agents?
I think it does. Mariano Rivera has only been managed by Torre so i think he wont give the yankees a discount. Jorge Posada i think will go somewheres else... who knows maybe right across town. Bobby Abreu will be a yankee in 2008...

Don't trade for Santana!

1) Reyes for Santana

2) Fernando Martinez, Aaron Heilman, John Maine, Carlos Gomez and Kevin Mulvey for Santana.

3) Sign him as a free agent in 08 for 7/150MM

Which option sounds better to you?

I'd say Option number 3...Whats the sense in sending half of your farm system and a few serviceable Major leaguers or Reyes to the Twins for Johan Santana? Its retarted if you ask me.. all you need to do is wait one more year to sign the best pitcher in baseball and you don't have to give up any players. DUH!

Tori Hunter Signs with....

Braves? Nationals? Cardinals? Rangers?

Over at they discuss the possibility of Torii Hunter becoming a Brave or a National because of the high African american Population in those citys.

Head over there to check it out, they have some good stuff over there...

Ya Gotta Do Somethin

Its Obvious that the New York Mets have to upgrade their team for the 2008 season. So I took it upon myself to sugest a few of my own ideas.

And here they are:

  • Sign Luis Castillio or David Eckstein for 2/7MM

  • DO NOT trade Carlos Gomez, Lastings Milledge, Fernando Martinez or Deolis Guerra!

  • Sign Bartolo to an incentive laden contract

  • Re-Sign Paul Lo Duca

  • Sign J.C. Romero to a 2/6MM

  • Re-Sign Marlon Anderson and Damion Easley

  • Exercise Moises Alou's 2008 Option

  • Look to sign Aaron Rowand to a 2-3 year deal worth around 30-40MM

  • Move Heilman to the rotation because he is too inconsistant to be a releiver anymore. This would also make him happy

  • If Colon succeeds and earns a spot in the rotation, Move Pelfrey to the bullpen and see how he does

Thats what I think the mets should try to do. If They were to do this, the lineup would look something like this.


Jose Reyes SS

Eckstein/Castillo 2B

David Wright 3B

Carlos Beltran CF

Moises Alou LF

Carlos Delgado 1B

Milledge/Rowand RF

Paul LoDuca C

Pitchers Spot (Man I wish the NL would get the DH too)

5-Man Rotation

Pedro Martinez

Jon Maine

Oliver Perez

Aaron Heilman



Billy Wagner CL

Duaner Sanchez SU

Mike Pelfrey? SU

Pedro Feliciano LOOGY

J.C. Romero MR

Joe Smith MR

Scott Schowenweis MR

Orlando Hernandez LR/Spot Starter

Let me Know what you think and what your ideas are..

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

To keep or not to keep?

Paul LoDuca; will he stay or will he go?

Looking at what he has done for this team the past two years, I would love to have LoDuca back. He has been the heart and soul of this team and when hes been healthy he has been a .300 hitter. Thats not too bad if you ask me. Another reason I want to keep Paulie, who else is gonna catch? Thats what i thought.. the free agent market for catchers is very poor other than Posada but he is washed up.


My name is Tyler. You can call me Ty Flo. I will be writing whenever i have time. I am a huge mets fan and i am a so called stat head. so feel free to comment and post your thoughts on this blog.