Friday, January 11, 2008

Mets vs. The Rest: 2B Edition

Many of you may not know that i have started a "Mets vs. The Rest" series of articles. This series of articles will be an in depth analysis of the NL East division. I will score each team kind of like the MVP voting system..

5 points for first place
4 points for second place
3 points for third place
2 points for fourth place
1 point for last place

Today, we will do 2B... Remember that the 2007 season statistics are listed.. not the projected 2008 statistics.

Starting Second Baseman...

Mets: Luis Castillo .301 AVG 1 HR 38 RBI 19 SB
Braves: Kelly Johnson .276 AFG 16 HR 68 RBI
Phillies: Chase Utley .332 AVG 22 HR 103 RBI
Nationals: Ronnie Belliard .290 AVG 11 HR 58 RBI
Marlins: Dan Uggla .245 AVG 31 HR 88 RBI

Obviously, Chase Utley is the cream of the crop when it comes to Second Baseman... but the rest of the NL East has pretty good players at the position too. Most notably Luis Castillo and Dan Uggla. Both players are productive in their own different ways.. Castillo is a table-setter and Uggla is a middle-of-the-order hitter. Kelly Johnson is a solid player but won't ever be a real legitimate threat. Belliard was a surprise last year, as he was not expected to produce at the level that he did. The order goes like this.. Chase Utley, Dan Uggla, Luis Castillo, Kelly Johnson, and Ronnie Belliard.

Mets: Damion Easley .280 AVG 10 HR 26 RBI
Braves: Omar Infante .271 AVG 2 HR 17 RBI
Phillies: Eric Bruntlett .246 AVG 0 HR 14 RBI
Nationals: Felipe Lopez .245 AVG 9 HR 50 RBI
Marlins: Jose Castillo .244 0 HR 24 RBI

This group of players is pretty even but Damion Easley looks like the leader of the pack. Omar Infante is a solid option off of the bench. Bruntlett is an ok option but he is just that. Jose Castillo and Felipe Lopez are former starters, but it seems that they both have lost a step and they have something to prove during this upcoming season. The order goes as this.. Easley, Infante, Lopez, Castillo, Bruntlett.

The Final Tally is...

Mets: 8
Phillies: 6
Braves: 6
Marlins: 6
Nationals: 4

In Reality, the Phillies are well ahead of the pack with Chase Utley at the helm. Luis Castillo is an average player but I think he is in decline. Dan Uggla might move to 3B but we'll see.