Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Someones take on our prospects in 2008...

I was just searching the web and came across a Mets web site that had an interesting article on how the Mets rush there prospects and where they should play in 2008. I clicked on the comments and I saw an interesting opinion that someone wrote in the comments section of the post... here it goes..

"I could not disagree with you more on Pelfrey being ready. All 3 SP, Pelfrey, Humber and Mulvey should start and finish the 2008 season in AAA. None are ready! Humber has not been hurt other then the Tommy John and he has only pitched a full year since then. Pelfrey is still working on his second and third pitch. Just the fastball will not cut it.
I do agree that the Mets have been rushing their pitching prospects. Milledge I agree was also rushed. But before we add Gomez to that list lets see where the Mets place him for this season. Should be in AAA as well."

So a AAA pitching rotation with Pelfrey, Humber, and Mulvey leading the way? I agree with Humber and Mulvey but not Pelfrey. He should be our #5 starting pitcher for the whole season. Next year when Pedro and Orlando Hernandez are likely gone.. we will have room in our rotation for either Kevin Mulvey or Phillip Humber. As for Carlos Gomez, he needs at least another season of AAA ball maybe even more. Don't rush them, let them develop and then our prospects will start to produce immediately when they reach the Majors for good.


Marc said...

If you want to trade him to the Rays, we could work something out.

Do the Rays got it all?

Check our Projections in the upcoming season, now!


Tyler Florence (Ty Flo) said...

Unless we're getting Scott Kazmir in return, won't happen haha.