Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Santana takes the 7 train to Queens!

The biggest and best named pitcher may have just landed in Queens. The Mets are within 72 hours from resigning and completing a trade for Johan Santana!

The Cost: Carlos Gomez, Phil Humber, Deolis Guerra and Kevin Mulvey.

The Discount: No Fernando Martinez. No Mike Pelfrey. No Ryan Church. No Aaron Heilman.

The Profit: One of the best damn pitchers in the game today.

Did Omar just redeemed his comatose offseason?

Finally after months of speculation, the Twins have agreed to trade Johan Santana to the Mets for a package of young players. The Mets now must sign Santana to a long-term deal in the next 72 hours. Since Santana has already rejected a 4 year, $80 million extension offered by Minnesota, he’s rumored to be looking for a six- or seven-year deal from New York, in the range of $20 million per. I say give it to him, if any starting pitcher has earned it, it's Santana.

The Mets managed to hang on to their most prized prospect, outfielder Fernando Martinez. Rotoworld take... Gomez and Guerra are big-time talents, but Gomez lacks plate discipline and might not fit in the top half of the lineup and an awful lot could go wrong before Guerra even sniffs the majors. Mulvey and Humber are third starters at best and probably more like fourths. It’s a whole lot better than losing Santana for draft picks next winter.

Some fans reaction:

Mets fan: AAHHHH!!

Red Sox fan: Phew, at least he's not a Yankee!

Yankee fans: Poop

Twins fans: mother*&%^

Rest of NL East: that sucks...

USA Today's Bob Nightengale broke the story...USA Today


Anonymous said...

Who ever photoshopped Santana onto that '86 Topps card, congratualtions, very well played.