Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gomez has 30-HR Potential?

Over at Dugout Central, former Yankees scout, Mike Pagliarulo compares Carlos Gomez, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Melkey Cabrera. Pagliarulo says this about Gomez:

"The 21 year old has all kinds of ability and projects to being a Premium Category player in 3-5 years. Gomez was called up in the middle of the 2007 season during his development in the minor leagues. He plays aggressively and will make normal development type mistakes at the major league level. His speed is equal to Jose Reyes (SS), and he’s got an XL frame (6’4″, 195 pounds) that is capable of supporting more weight. With improved technique at the plate he could be a 30+ home run guy. Gomez has a plus arm and above average range in the outfield. His development has shown improvement each year. He has the ability to get by at the major league level right now, but another year or two of minor league development is suggested. The Mets tend to rush their young players."

After seeing a scouts view on OF Carlos Gomez, I really hope that the Mets keep him. I look forward to seeing him patrol CF for the next 8-10 years.


DJ said...

I love Gomez, and I hope he's not traded away. I have a vision of him in the OF, leadingoff with Reyes batting 2nd.

Tyler Florence (Ty Flo) said...

Gomez leading off? I wonder who would lead off for the Mets when he is ready.. I guess it depends on if he really does have 30 HR power.