Friday, January 11, 2008

Santana rumors still swirling

Since yesterday, the Santana talks have been heating up and multiple reports have the details...

Gotham Baseball’s Mark Healy talked to one of his “MLB guys,” who seems to feel the Mets will get Johan Santana “no matter what they have to do.” Healy seems confident in his source.

The New York Post is reporting that the 5 for 1 deal is too hefty a price for the Mets. Sources tell the Post the Mets have turned down the deal. The deal breaker appears to be outfield prospect Fernando Martinez. If the Post is correct, this brings us right back to square one regarding the Santana rumors.

Links from MLB Fleece Factor...

Omar and Co. are smart to turn down the 5-1 deal. As i have stated before, they should try to retain Deolis Guerra and Fernando Martinez. Everyone else is fair game. If the Mets keep holding out, the Twins will eventually reduce their demands and we will be able to get a deal done.

Matt Cerrone at MetsBlog has all the details....

Part 1--Santana in driver seat
Part 2--More seeing Mets and Johan Santana

I'm getting the feeling that the Mets will eventually have Johan Santana on their roster. Weather they acquire him via trade or via free-agency, we will probably have the best pitcher in baseball ahead of our rotation. Here are the reasons why I think Santana will be a Met.

  • Santana wants to be on the Mets... According to Matt Cerrone and other reports.
  • The Twins want to get more than just 2 draft picks for him.
  • We have the money to pay Johan what he "deserves."
  • The Twins want to have Johan Santana in the National League, so they do not have to face him multiple times per year.

Hopefully I'm not wrong but its just my gut feeling. The only way I can see this deal falling through is if the Yankees or Red Sox upgrade their offer, which I dont see happening.