Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wilpon gives in, Wants Santana

According to Joe Christensen at his blog for the Star-Tribune, the Mets have made an offer for Johan Santana.. The offer isf:

Carlos Gomez
Kevin Mulvey
Deolis Guerra
Phillip Humber

Christensen writes that the Twins really want Fernando Martinez and the deal could get done if the Mets decide to include him. Dont go for it. Santana isn't a guarantee they'll win anything. That is way too much talent to give up when the Red Sox and Yankees arent even being asked to give up anything close to this. Guerra and Martinez are way to high end to be giving up and its very highly unlikely the Mets will draft anyone with their kind of potential anytime soon. Omar is said to be too high on both of them to have included either in the package. Trading all of our Latin prospects will definitely hurt Omar Minaya's credibility because Latin players will not want to come to the Mets if Omar trades them all once they turn out to be decent prospects. I still think the best route is to wait it out until the Twins lessen their demands. I say this because I believe Johan Santana said that he would not exercise his No-Trade-Clause during the season. So if the Twins really do want to trade him and get something in return, we should wait until they lessen their demands. I say a fair deal is four prospects not named Deolis Guerra, Fernando Martinez, and Mike Pelfrey.

Oh yeah, I thought we weren't going to trade all 3 of our great OF prospects? Oh how times have changed.

Heres a quick look at the projection and potential of the mentioned prospects...

SP Kevin Mulvey- has the potential to be a #3-#4 starter on a good staff. Average stuff, great command. Was the first choice in the 06 draft for the Mets. Very close to being a MLB player.

OF Fernando Martinez- Very young, was the youngest player in AA last year. Scouts have projected him to have 35-40 HR power. Might have to move positions due to average defensive skills. Potential future All-Star.

CF Carlos Gomez- He is as fast as Jose Reyes and is above average defensively. Some scouts say he has the build to be a 30 HR threat. Potential future All-Star.

SP Phillip Humber- #3 pick in the 2004 draft, under went Tommy John Surgery in his first pro season. Came back last year and looked ok in AAA. Will need another year in the minors but should be ready in 2009. Humber once had the potential to be a #1 starter in the Majors, but he is projected to be a #2-#3 starter at best, maybe even less.

SP Deolis Guerra- Another young super-prospect with #1 starter potential. Has a dominant change-up, and a fastball that keeps gaining velocity as he grows. Had an adequate season last year, but showed dominance at times. He was also one of the youngest players in his league last year. Could be a future #1 and Cy Young Candidate.

SP Mike Pelfrey- Another former 1st round draft pick that has not produced on a consistent basis. Has an above average fastball, but not much after that. His control can be shaky at times. Needs consistency to excel. Projects to be a #2-#3 SP in the Majors if he can develop his secondary pitches, if not he will be moved to the bullpen.

There we go.. What do you think about the deal?


Anonymous said...

Mets offered Deolis Guerra, Carlos Gomez, Kevin Mulvey, and Phillip Humber

Twins countered with Deolis Guerra, Carlos Gomez, Kevin Mulvey, Phillip Humber, and Fernando Martinez.

I still have not made up my mind on this deal.

But I did find some comparisons:

Humber has been compared to Paul Byrd and Jarrod Washburn

Mulvey has been compared to Steve Trachsel and Orel Hershiser

Guerra has been compared to Joe Blanton

Gomez has been compared to Beltran and Bobby Abreu - I don't agree with the Gomez comparisons, I don't think Gomez will ever have that kind of power.