Monday, January 28, 2008

Links for the Day

Sorry guys, I am very busy with work and I just got home a 1/2 hour ago. I dont want to make excuses so here are some links and notes from a pretty busy day...

Metsblog did some nice stuff today...

  • Mets sign Australian High-Schooler
  • More prospect info from Matt Cerrone #1 and #2

Other news..

  • The Phillies have improved. With the signing of 3B Pedro Feliz, they have reliable players at every position. His power numbers should also go up due to the hitting friendly Citizens Bank Park. Last year he hit .253 with 20 HR's and 72 RBI.
  • Carlos Gomez is not allowed to play in the Carribean World Series. Why is this? It could be a trade is in the final stages or the Mets are being cautious.. Keep an eye on this situation.
Sorry again for the lack of posting. DJ and I will try to do our best to keep this blog updated.

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Anonymous said...

I disagree - The Phillies don't improve with the signing of Feliz!

Asks yourself who played 3B last year for was a revolving door.

Nunez - 212ABs .255BA 0HR 14RBIs 54hits
Helms - 207ABs .275BA 5HR 35RBIs 155hits
Dobbs - 190ABs .232BA 5HR 24RBIs 44hits

Total = 609ABs .254BA 10HR 73RBIs 155hits

So like I said I don't think this signing makes the Phillies any tougher at all.

What it does is improves them slightly defensive at 3B and gives them some stability at the position. Those 3 players above made 19 errors compared to 11 by Feliz in '07.