Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why The Rays Are Better Then The Braves!

Argument #1: Mike Hampton.

  1. Tommy John surgery
  2. elbow discomfort that shelved Hampton for another
  3. In March 2007, oblique strain suffered during batting practice
  4. In November 2007, Hampton tweaked a hamstring
  5. On Friday straining a right groin muscle
  • Hampton has made eight trips to the disabled list since he was traded to Atlanta from Florida on Nov. 20, 2002: Three for his left elbow, two for his back, two for his left forearm and one for his right calf.

Argument #2: Bobby Cox.

  • Rays manager Joe Maddon has a World Series ring from this millennium. Bobby Cox does not. Maddon has a nice personality. Bobby Cox does not. Maddon has cool glasses. Bobby Cox does not.

Argument #3: Chuck Jones.

  • Chuck Jones spent last off season working at Lowe’s installing windows and doors. WOW yup it's true!
  • Rays are clearly playing hardball this spring, did you see that that awesome collision in the Rays-Yankees pretend game on last Saturday

Argument #4: Will Ohman.

  • The Braves got Ohman in a trade from the Cubs, Ohman is “sexy like a well-kept low-mileage used Toyota.”
  • Rays meanwhile brought back one of the great left handed relievers in team history, Trever Miller. And he should be better than ever

Argument #5. The Rest Of Atlanta’s Bullpen.

  • Rafael Soriano is supposed to close for the Braves this year. Career numbers: 13 saves, 9 blown saves. It’s a shame the Blue Jays beat y'all to Armando.
  • Rays have a stacked bullpen with new closer Troy Percival, and three more reliable arms: Al Reyes, Dan Wheeler and Gary Glover. Plus a guy who killed a shark with his bare hands in Scott Dohmann.

Argument #6. The Big Bats.

  • Obviously, Chipper Jones should be commended for his leadership in calling an investigation of Alex Rodriguez’s steroid use.
  • But Chipper is no match for the offensive juggernaut of the Rays in Crawford, Upton, Pena, Longoria, Iwamura. Plus If you get in their way, they'll just run you over.

The Rays are better, tougher, and sexier. The Atlanta Braves ain’t garbage compared to the Tampa Bay Rays.


Anonymous said...

Well, we're better than you, so if the Rays are better than us, what does that make you look like? EVEN WORSE! Totally the most retarded argument I've ever seen.

1. It's Chuck James.

2. It shows he's strong enough to kill any Met he so desires. It shows his strength.

3. Hampton will be the come back player of the year, if he ever comes back.

4. Who cares when he got the ring? Cox still has more, and by the way, does anyone else have 15 straight division titles dangling in their stadium? No.

5. Oh wow, we're scared of Trever Miller. Face it. Will Ohman is better than any reliever you have. Even better than the falling apart "So sexy I suck" Wagner.

6. What does killing a shark have to do with baseball? That's like.... installing windows! It serves no point. Soriano, Moylan, Acosta, soon to be added Gonzo. Wow, now that's at least 9999999999999999999999999999999 x better than anything the Mutts have.

7. At least Chipper doesn't cheat like some Mets players, ahem, Delgado and Beltran + Pedro.

8. Chipper alone in there? No. That's like cheating. You used 5 players to compare to one. Now those 5 guys are no match for Tex, Chipper, Francoeur, McCann, and Diaz. Not to mention Kelly Johnson, Mark Kotsay, and Yunel Escobar on the side.

Face it dude, you have no valid argument.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, you don't know Cox. He has a great personality, otherwise, I don't think we could have won 15 division titles. You hear players say all the time, He's the best manager in the game. Maybe Mr. Randolph could learn something from Cox.....

So Maddon has cool shades? Good for him.

Anonymous said...

Another thing, learn your grammar. The title is messed up.

Reasons why the Rays are better than the Braves :P

D'Andre Williams said...

There seems like a good rivalry going on with our two sites. But blowing up our site with cursing is on called for. When I camed over here I showed nothing, but respect. So I desire respect in return. On the baseball side of things the Braves match up pretty dang well with the Mets. The Braves have a deeper rotation. The lineups are almost even though The lineup matchup is interesting. K. Johnson is better than Castillo. Johnson gets on base at a great clip and hits for good power at the 2nd base position. Reyes is better than Escobar. Even though Escobar isn't a bad hitter at all. I will take Larry Jones over Wright.(even though I think Wright is an absolute stud). Chipper is the leader and a great clutch hitter for the Braves. Plus Chipper is a switch hitter and played GOLD GLOVE defense last year(Chipper got robbed for the Gold Glove). I can see they game the Gold Glove award to Pedro Feliz or Aramis Ramierz, but Wright? humm. Anyways Francoeur is far and away better than Church. Francoeur is going to have a breakout season for the Braves this year. Teixeira is great choice for MVP this year so he gets the nod over Delgado. Kotsay is just a stop gap guy for the next young and talented super prospect Jordan Schafer. So Carlos Beltran is clearly better than Kotsay. Plus, I have always been a big Beltran fan until he went to the Mets. This was a close call, but since Diaz is younger and is a flat out hitter I give him the edge. So I will take Diaz over Alou. Brian McCann is the best catcher in the NL East(probably the best two catchers in the East was Jarrod Saltamacchia and McCann befor Salty got traded for TEX). So the score on the lineup is Braves 5 Mets 3. I can't really compare the bullpens because I really don't know how the Mets pen is going to look like. I do know all of the Braves relievers have fastballs that range between 93-98(Manny Acosta has hit 100 a couple of times last season). The Braves also have one of the best farm systems in the majors. So if we need to go out before the trading deadline to make a move to get a guy like Fuentas or a guy like Blanton, we have the players to do it(like Brent Lillibridge and Brandon Jones). Pitcher Jair Jurrjens is going to surprise a great deal of people this year. He is a young pitcher with great control, stuff, and has a great idea on the mound. It is going to be a great battle between the Bravos, Mets, and Phillies this year. Even though I hate the Phillies pitching besides Myers and Hamels. Good Luck Mets(for the wild card). Go BRAVOS(for the OUR NL East title and more). I would love to see a Braves vs. Mets matchup in the playoffs this year. That will be one for the ages.

D'Andre Williams said...

Wow I wrote a lot. My bad

Corey Bishop said...

And really, I have not disrespected your site in anyway, so going to our site and cussing us out is just immature.

Anonymous said...

1- It was a JOKE, 1 that went over your heads Braves fans!

2-It was 14 straight, NOT 15 that 15th went to the METS! KNOW YOUR TEAM!

3-I know it's Chunk Jones (Chuck James)

4-Beside Mota and Scotty no other current Met had his name mentioned in the steroid talks.

5-The title is correct, either way could be used.

7- I never used cursing on your site, I don't even know your site.

8-The Braves may have 1 of the best farms, but who really cares when the Mets have 1 of the worst and still catch Santana!

oh and 1 other thing even after 14 NL east title, the Braves only have 1 WS. All that says is that the Braves know how to build for 1st place but NOT for the playoffs.

And some of your keys in building those teams left for KC and Washington. So enjoy your 3rd straight 3rd place finish!

Corey Bishop said...

7. That was meant for Jesus in the shoutbox.

5. not really. Doesn't matter though. That's beyond the point.

You'll be taking our spot in third place this year. How could you let that big of a lead slip in the last week???

Anonymous said...

Injuries, and thinking we had it in the bag!

Corey Bishop said...

lol! You'll easily have 3rd, maybe 4th if your lucky this year.

Anonymous said...

get real!

Corey Bishop said...

OK fine. lol.

1. Braves
2. Mets (Wild Card)
3. Phillies
4. Marlins
5. Nationals


Anonymous said...


1-Mets 92-70
2-Phillies 89-73
3-Braves 88-74
4-Nationals 78-84
5-Marlins 70-92

Corey Bishop said...

dj dj dj

1. Braves
2. Phils
3. Marlins
4. Nats
5. Mets (0 wins)

I know I'm right now :P