Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Year, Same bullpen

One week into the season and the frustration continues.

The New York Mets biggest weakness last season was the bullpen. This weakness was not addressed in the off-season. It appears it will be our biggest problem this year.

We eliminated Guillermo Mota, who had some terrible second innings. But I believe he would have been better if we limited him to one inning per outing. They were hoping to get Sanchez back, and we are still hoping. Joe Smith is a question mark, he has yet to prove he can continually get batters out. Then we have another side arm pitcher, Aaron Heilman, who is unreliable. One day he is good, the next he is giving up home runs. I think we do teams a favor by sending back to back side armers at them. I am scared anytime Schoenweiss enters the ballgame. I think if he was used to face one or two lefties only, he might have a chance. But he should NEVER pitch a full inning. Feliciano has been great and Wagner needs to be dominant. But this is the same bullpen that failed us last year, and things are not looking good.


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D'Andre Williams said...

Whatever you do don't click on akinogal's link it will mess up your computer.

The Braves have also had a little bit of trouble in their pen. Since the Braves have a bit of a younger pen, they will most likely get better as the season goes along. Plus the additions of Rafael Soriano, Mike Gonzalez, and AA rookie pitcher Kris Medlen we will get better as the season goes along. The Mets pen should get better too I guess. Yall have Feliciano, Smith, Heilman, and Wagner. Those are four pretty good pitchers. Hey look on the bright side, yall have a better pen than the Phillies. BUT SOMEBODY NEEDS TO BEAT THE MARLINS!!!(I know the Marlins aren't going to win the division)

Lets Go Bravos!!!(This isn't a shot at the Mets)

DJ said...

Heilman has only given up 2 HR this yr. and he only gave up 2 from July 16, 2007 to the end of the season.

So where this idea came from that he gives up a lot of HR is FALSE!

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