Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cabrera in RF?

Omar Minaya always has something up his sleave. The Flordia Marlins are known to want "three significant young players" in return for him. The 24 year old and 4 time all-star hit .320/34/119. Earlier today on wfan radio in NY, Mike Francesca said this

“I know the Mets love him. I know Omar is in love with him. But, again, it’s gonna be hard for the Mets to put together a package…Plus, the Mets need pitching, and the Mets don’t have any pitching to give up…I think Cabrera will be on the Yankees, the Mets or Red Sox. I think he’ll be a north-eastern player, this year, on one of those teams.."
Francesca also stated that Omar does not want Cabrera for 3B but for RF. So, to get Miguel Cabrera on this team, it might cost something like Lastings Milledge, Fernando Martinez, Mike Pelfrey, and possibly others? I wouldnt mind having Cabrera on this team but idk how good he can play the outfield anymore.. hes not exactly "slim." I think I would test my chances on Miguel Cabrera over Alex Rodriguez.. if we trade for him, all we give up is 3 top prospects but then we have an infield of Cabrera, Wright and Reyes for 10+ years...