Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Catching situation cleared up

According to, The Mets are "close" to a 2-year deal.Speculation says that The Mets don't plan to start Castro, but to remain the understudy to Paul Lo Duca as he has been for the past two years. If and when this deal is finilized, it will be another smart move by Omar Minaya. Castro was such a run producer while he was in the lineup. Castro batted .285 with 11 home runs and 31 RBI. Pretty good for a second string player i'd say...

Today, Jorge Posada signed a mind blowing deal to remain with the New York Yankees. The deal was for four-years and $52.4 million to be exact. Man I am happy that The Mets didn't even get the chance to negotiate with Posada. He had a career year at the right time and If The Mets signed him, they would be stuck with a 53 million dollar investment and he would have to be a catcher because there is no DH in the National League. This is a blessing in disguise from god....

Oh, by the way, Posada WILL NOT hit over .300 next year.. You heard it hear first..


Anonymous said... rather have Lo Duca than Torrealba...but looks like it will be opposite of what i like, ah well.

Ty Flo said...

I too would like to have Lo Duca back. He has passion and fire but he did decline this year until september when he had 4 hrs and 21 rbi's. Personally, I think that Torrealba will be a major flop..