Sunday, November 18, 2007

Glavine Offically Signs with Braves

The Braves and former Mets starting pitcher, Tom Glavine, have agreed to a 1-year deal worth 8-million dollars.I think we all knew that Glavine’s heart was always in Atlanta, even after his time in NY. Glavine did win some big games for us, but the way the season ended and his loyalty to The Atlanta Braves, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. As fellow blogger, Matt Ceronne said:

"i once went out with a girl, who, after we broke up, went back to her ex-boyfriend, with whom she had dated for five years or so before i met her…while together, we had a fun, but awkward relationship, and it never really felt right…this triangle with the Mets, Braves and glavine feels like the same thing"
That was perfectly written. Nobody could have said it better.Basically what The Mets did was trade an aging #5 starter, and received 2 nice draft picks, #18 overall and a sandwich pick, along with dumping 13 million in salary. Good Trade Omar, now its up to you to replace his 13 wins and 200+ IP.
By the way, I hope Glavine gets injured in Spring Training, and has to retire. =D