Wednesday, December 5, 2007

3-Way trade in the works? is reporting a 3-trade between the A's, Twins, and Mets. The Writer for says that if the source wasn't good, he wouldn't post it. Minnesota has initiated talks for a three-way blockbuster with the Mets and A's. Here's how it would go down:

  • Mets send Jose Reyes and Kevin Mulvey to the A's
  • Mets send Hector Pellot to the Twins
  • A's send Bobby Crosby and Dan Johnson to the Mets
  • A's send Dan Haren to the Twins
  • Twins send Johan Santana to the Mets

This means:

  • The Mets acquire SP Johan Santana, SS Bobby Crosby, and 1B Dan Johnson.
  • The Athletics get SS Jose Reyes and Kevin Mulvey.
  • The Minnesota Twins get SP Dan Haren and 2B Hector Pellot.

I'm sure the A's and the Twins would love this deal but I just can't think of the Mets without their heart and soul, Jose Reyes. Who would bat leadoff? Bobby Crosby? If I were Omar, I would pass on this one. It weekens our lineup too much and we just CANNOT trade Jose Reyes!


billypicasso said...

? Fantasy at its best!!!!!!!! [actually I cant remember a time when this type trade happened in my fantasy league]

Anonymous said...

I am starting to believe that Omar has a resentment towards the Mets form 5 years ago --- he now is single handedly tearing down the team peice by peice---------------------------------