Monday, December 24, 2007

Why was Lo Duca Lets Go?

The question is, why was C Paul Lo Duca given his walking papers? There could be many possible answers.. but one that did not catch my train of thought was this:

From Dom D's Mets Fan Blog: I have a good source (Friend of Paul Lo Duca's), who said to me that the reason why Paul Lo Duca was let go by Mets is that he was dragging David Wright down a path of drinking and partying. David was seen (by this source) with Pauly almost everywhere they hung out in clubs or bars. The Mets are trying to protect David Wright's future. The best thing for the Mets to do was to at this time was to let him go and let David flourish as a player. Everyone knows that David and Paul grew tightly as friends. Right now, It's Wright's time. Every one thought it was about steroids, but it was more than that.

That is definately a shocker... I thought they let him go because:

  1. He was a below average defensive catcher.
  2. He was a Double-Play machine.
  3. He pissed off the wrong people
Never did it cross my mind that Paulie was turning David Wright aka "The Franchise," into a party animal. If this is the actual reason that he was let go, then I'm very happy that he is in Washigton now. David Wright needs to continue to grow into a MVP player. Lo Duca might have been a distraction, and I'm glad the front office saw that.


DJ said...

Plus add to the facts that Lo Duca enjoyed gambling on the ponies and his affair with a 19 year old girl from Long Island.
Funny the media said about Castillo having the same influence on Reyes.

Bill said...

I hated to see LoDuca go, & I still believe the Mets have down graded at the catcher position. But if this is true, then it's a good enough reason to say goodbye. Wright should be protected at all costs. He's the team MVP & we need to keep him here fro the rest of his career.

jerry said...

I wasnt surprised when i read your comments linking Wright to La duca
sny showed thm together alot thru course of season
I saw your link on another site so here I am Ive been a mets fan since 1962 also Im not sure how to link u to my site so heres my
Great site and cant wait till 2008

Tyler Florence (Ty Flo) said...

Thanks Jerry! I'll add you to my blog roll! I'll stop by frequently.

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