Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yankees 2000 World Series Champions*

With the Mitchell report uncovering some of the secrets of the "Steroid Era", many Met fans feel animosity and even more hate towards the Yankees. Roger Clemens and Andy Pettite were named to the report. Pettite recently;y admitted that he used HGH twice in 2002 to recover quickly form an injury. Do you think we deserve the 2000 World Series Trophy?


Mutz said...

absolutely not. andy pettite used HGH when it was ILLEGAL in major league baseball, and used it for recovering from an elbow injury. He did not use it for enhancing his performance, nor did he use it to regain some of his "age". if any of these were the case, then it can be understandable.

as for your roger clemens statement, wait a couple of more months and see. he did NOT use steroids, and the mitchell report will be proved wrong.

met fans, get over the fact that you blew your best record in baseball and handed the NL East to the phillies. we all know your dominant starting rotation this year will prevail, and you will do good again and be better than the yankees just like in '07. by the way, for those who still believe this lie, the yankees and mets split the season series, and the yankees had the 94-68 record compared to the mets 88-74. hmm, last i checked the yankees would have the better record, as usual..

Mutz said...

mistake in first paragraph: *LEGAL

Tyler Florence (Ty Flo) said...

I have NEVER said that Roger Clemens used steroids.. Senator Mitchell did..

Last seasons record had no effect on the 2000 season whatsoever.. so your whole comment is obsolete...all the points that you tried to prove.. were not even mentioned in the my post about the 2000* World Series Champions...