Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sell the Farm?

To sell or not sell the farm, that is the question. According to, the Mets, Blue Jays, and Mariners are the top 3 teams vying for the Orioles SP Erik Bedard. but do we really want to sell the farm for one player?At this point, I would rather just sign Livan Hernandez, Carlos Silva or Bartolo Colon. Upgrade the pen' with young guys and cast offs and we'll be good. Remember that we have Sanchez and Padilla coming back. Anything from those two would be great. The NL East has lost some competition with the Braves loss of SS Edgar Renteria and CF Andruw Jones. The only thing they have done so far is sign Glavine and we will pound on him when he pitches against us..the Phillies probley lost CF Aaron Rowand so they havent upgraded much either besides the acquisition of CL Brad Lidge. The Marlins just lost their power bat in 3B Miguel Cabrera and another good hitter in SP Dontrelle Willis, who can also pitch pretty good.The Nationals are improving fast. With the acquisitions of young stud prospects, they should atleast give some stiff competition. Though, I am dissapointed of Lastings departure, I think we should win the division next year if Mike Pelfrey improves and we sign one of the fore mentioned pitchers. So the answer to that question is No! Do not mortgage our future. Let them develop into valuable Major League players. Please Omar, all I want for christmas is our prospects to remain in met uniforms and for our prospects to get fully developed. Although, Livan Hernandez, Carlos Silva or Bartolo Colon would be nice if they were signed to a 1-2 year deal.