Saturday, December 29, 2007

Are the Yankees Giving MLB a Black Eye?

Yankees are giving baseball a Black Eye. First were weeks of steroid revelations brought into question (by the Mitchell report), the integrity of many of the heroes from those championship teams of the late 90s, none more so than Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens. Pettitte admitted to using PED's while Clemens wants to blame everyone else except himself.
Now former Yankee and 1996 World Series hero is charged with a DUI, vehicular manslaughter and charged with a first-degree misdemeanor count of damaging property and may face additional charges from the early morning crash that left a Plantation, Florida mother of two dead, police said. My only question here is, What in the world was a mother of two doing out at 3 o'clock in the morning?

This is starting to mirror the Mets of the early 90s when Vince Coleman, Gooden and Daryl Boston were named in an alleged sexual abuse incident against a woman near the Mets' spring training facility. Gooden was injured when Coleman accidentally hit Gooden's shoulder with a golf club. Bret Saberhagen threw a firecracker under a table near reporters. Coleman threw a firecracker out of the team bus window and injured three people resulting in felony charges, and Saberhagen was in trouble again, this time for spraying bleach at three reporters. To top it all off Gooden shocked not only New York sports fans, but baseball fans by testing positive for cocaine and was suspended by Major League Baseball for 60 days. Shortly after he began serving his suspension for the positive drug test, it was announced that he had again tested positive for cocaine and was now being suspended by MLB for one year. Their descent was chronicled by the book The Worst Team Money Could Buy: The Collapse Of The New York Mets by Bob Klapisch and John Harper.


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