Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pelfrey to the 'Pen?

According to Buster Olney, via MLBTR, the Mets could trade OF Carlos Gomez, SP Kevin Mulvey, and SU Aaron Heilman to the Oakland Athletics in return for SP Joe Blanton. I really don't like this deal for the Mets. You would have to give up your second best reliever and at least one 5-star prospect in Carlos Gomez. In addition, you would have to include SP Kevin Mulvey, who could end up being very similar to what Joe Blanton is now. I say NO DEAL.

If that fore mentioned deal was to be offered to the Athletics, and excepted, who would be the new Set-up man? Ted Berg at SNY seems to have an answer. Convert RHP Mike Pelfrey into a reliever. As I have stated before, Pelfrey could benefit from having more time to work with pitching coach, Rick Peterson. Berg does not think that we should give up on Pelfrey, noting that Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux both struggled when they were called up to the Majors for the frist time. This would just provide the Mets with a Set-up man while giving Pelf more time with the jacket. Shea Nation also has a post on this topic.

I also have an idea. Sign Octavio Dotel to a 2-year deal. Keep Pelfrey in the minors or bullpen and hope that Dunaner Sanchez can come back at least at a middle reliever.

One deal I would make with the Athletics is this...

Mets Get:

SP Joe Blanton
OF/1B Nick Swisher

Athletics Get:

OF Carlos Gomez
SP?/SUAaron Heilman
SP John Niese
RF Ryan Church
SP Kevin Mulvey
SP Phillip Humber

Sounds like a fair deal to me.. Maybe a young arm from the A's in return. What are your thoughts?