Monday, December 10, 2007

Nats' agree to a 1- year deal with Lo Duca

According to the Washington Post and, Free-agent Catcher Paul Lo Duca has agreed to a 1-year deal with the Washington Nationals. Paul has expressed his displeasure with the way the Mets handled his contract situation. Paul really wanted to come back to the Mets and I sense that most fans wanted him back too, including me. Why couldn't we offer a 1-year deal? Thats retarded. I get the feeling that Omar Minaya, Willie Randolph, and Fred Wilpon all don't like players with a firey side to them. To me, I love the excitement that those players bring. That being said, the Nationals got two good 'firey' former mets'. Expect the Nationals to be solid this year.

Projected Nationals '08 lineup:

  • C Paul Lo Duca
  • 1B Nick Johnson or Dimitri Young
  • 2B Ronnie Belliard or Felipe Lopez
  • SS Christian Guzman or Felipe Lo[ez
  • 3B Ryan Zimmerman
  • RF Austin Kerns or Elijah Dukes
  • LF Willie Mo Pena
  • CF Lastings Milledge or Nook Logan
That looks pretty good and with solid depth.. not to bad for a team owned by the league and a very low budget.


Anonymous said...

i wonder if what happened it florida (brawl) will happen when lo duca comes to shea...just to piss off the wilpons.

good luck paulie...i miss ya

Anonymous said...

Haha that would be hillarious! I really think Lo Duca should be the mets starting catcher this year..

Good luck in DC.