Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Omar must make this phone call.

Omar, call John Boggs. If you don't know who that is, thats the agent for RHP Mark Prior. The former All-Star, 18-Game Winner, and #2 overall pick in the draft. Call Mr. Boggs and let him know that the Mets could use him and offer him a 2-year deal for $7 million with incentives. Prior has compiled a 42-29 record and 3.51 ERA since he made his big league debut in 2002, but his career has been interrupted by injuries. Including all of the 2007 season and possibly half of the 2008 season. It shouldn't matter. Even if he doesn't return to the majors in '08, you have a good-great starting pitcher, depending on if he can get back to his '02-'03 form, with very good stuff for the '09 season. While at Wrigley Field in September, Prior said:

"The goal is, obviously, to come back, I expect to come back. This day and age playing, we're fortunate to have medicine and technology that gives us a second chance."

I have to agree with him on that one. Omar should take a risk here. This is a Low-Risk, High-Reward type of deal. Just think of a possible rotation of:

  1. Pedro Martinez
  2. Oliver Perez
  3. John Maine
  4. Mark Prior
  5. Orlando Hernadez
Mark Prior would be higher in the rotation if he re-claims his command and form that once gave the Cubs hope in winning a World Series. I think he can do it. Take a Chance Omar, Take a Chance.

Oh yeah, while your at it, take a gander at 3B Dallas Mcpherson. Maybe he could be a good bench player for the Amazins.