Friday, February 1, 2008

The Deed is done, Johan Signs with Mets

According to, Johan Santana agreed to a deal with the Mets. The contract is worth approx $137 million over 6 years. Annual Salary= $22,916,667. This contract makes Santana by far the highest paid pitcher in baseball history.

The salary of Johan Santana didn't even matter to me, all I wanted was him to be wearing a uniform with orange and blue on opening day... I got what I wanted. Johan Santana now anchors the best pitching rotation in the National League. Santana has an .800 winning percentage in 24 starts against National League teams. Lets take a look at the Mets 2008 Rotation:

  1. Johan Santana
  2. Pedro Martinez
  3. Oliver Perez
  4. John Maine
  5. Orlando Hernandez or Mike Pelfrey
Our rotation is only rivaled by that of the Atlanta Braves... and I think ours is still better than theirs. By the way, Harold Reynolds predicted in the video on that Johan Santana will pitch the first no-hitter in Mets history. Man I'm excited for the season to get rolling.


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