Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is Curt Schilling Done?

Curt Schilling has a shoulder injury. And according to reports, it’s more serious than the injury that caused him to miss 7 weeks last season.

Curt Schilling has visited Dr. Craig Morgan, who performed surgery on his shoulder in 1995. Sources have told reporters in Boston that Morgan feels Schilling needs surgery, while the Red Sox would like him to rehab his shoulder without surgery.

The sources also say that the Red Sox have inquired about voiding his contract, which calls for a base pay of $8 million with several more million in incentives. Obviously, Schilling does not want his contract voided.

At this point, the injury is believed to be a rotator cuff or labrum tear. Surgery would end Schilling’s year, almost certainly. And he’s said this is definitely his last year.

Neither Schilling nor the Red Sox have publicly commented on the injury or the dispute as of yet, which is an ominous sign. If Schill had just visited Dr. Morgan to say “Aah,” he would have no doubt quickly released a statement to quash these rumors.

Schilling had a physical before he and the Sox inked this deal. Did they miss something? Or did he hurt his shoulder doing something non-baseball related?


According to MLBTR,

Schilling has opted for rehab rather than surgery, as decided by a third party doctor. Boston's doctor advised rehab, while one of Schilling's advised surgery. It's a partial rotator cuff tear, and it'll keep Schilling out until at least the All-Star break.

This is not really a HUGE break for the Red Sox simply because they have depth at the SP position. Heres their rotation without Schilling..

  1. Josh Beckett
  2. Daisuke Matsuzaka
  3. Tim Wakefield
  4. Jon Lester
  5. Clay Buchholz
Still pretty solid, and better than the Yankees rotation at this point...


Doug said...

Here's the thing, the Sox will be starting 2 rookies and the Yankees 3 rookies. No team wants to do that if it can be avoided.