Saturday, February 2, 2008

When Super Bowl News Is No Longer News!

Super Bowl news leading up to Super Sunday is not news after 48 hours.

Let’s imagine it’s Sunday evening, around, say 9:00. You’re at someone else’s house. You don’t know the guy all that well, but there you are, grinding potato chip crumbs into his living room rug. There are several dozen beer bottles and dented cans strewn around thisguy’s living room. His place is littered with chicken bones and bowls with crumbs at the bottom. You know a couple of the guys here, but most are the host’s co-workers, talking shop and eying each other’s wives and girlfriends. Joe Buck’s yelling at you from a TV so large that you’re a little worried about radiation poisoning. The outcome of the “game” was decided roughly 90 minutes before Tom Petty dragged his skinny a$$ onto a portable stage and “sang” “shee wuzz an Am-mer-ee-kin gurl…” That seems like hours ago, but there are still 13 minutes left in the third quarter.

You’ve had 11 beers and you gotta work tomorrow. You look at the game clock in the corner of the drive-in-sized screen and realize that Roger Goodell won’t be handing the obscenely phallic Lombardi prize to the Gillette guy for another two hours.

Is there a more depressing spectacle in sports than the Super Bowl?

Nope. We’re about 48 hours from kickoff and I’m already deathly sick of it.

Ron Jaworski’s suits … and those glasses! Sal Paleontologist’s leer and Philly inflection. #@&*ing Mike and Mike. God help us. And we haven’t even gotten to Terry, Howie, Jimmy and the brother who used to be James Brown. By the time the Super Bowl kicks off at 6:37:06.239 PM Sunday, our national IQ will have fallen 16 points.

Thank goodness for the Mariners/Baltimore trade drama this week. If the O’s and M’s hadn’t spent the week hassling over an Erik Bedard-Adam Jones deal, we might have been forced to pay attention to Mike Tirico’s breathless analysis of Tom Brady’s lower extremities. Or we’d have had to hear Chris Berman boom “the Noo Yawk Foootballl Giants” for the billionth time.

And hey, have you heard? There’s a lot of media in Phoenix to cover the game. Yeah, it’s true. One day this week, they had a media day on the field. And it was news! Sure, it was exactly the same as last year and the year before that and every year since Hank Stram wore that red Chiefs blazer on the sidelines. But what the hell? News is news.

So, this Sunday night, when the confetti finally falls and you see the commercial urging you to buy some World Champs Patriots crap and you hope you’re sober enough to drive home in the snow, walk outside, close your eyes, take a deep breath and remember:

Spring training begins in two weeks.
Enjoy the Super Bowl...

....Added by Ty Flo....

First off, Great article by DJ... Secondly, for what its worth, Carlos Delgado, Howard Johnson, David Wright, Ruben Gotay and Moises Alou all predicted that the Giants would beat the Patriots. .