Saturday, February 2, 2008

Just a Physical Away

It's all pending on passing player physicals, set for today. Including the 2008 season, Santana will receive a 7-year, $150.75M contract extension from the Mets as part of the deal. He will receive 6 years, $137.5M in new money (2008-13). He will receive a signing bonus of about $7M payable this year. Plus a 2014 club option may vest based on performance and a $5.5m buyout.

Earlier in the year, he rejected a 2-year, $36M contract extension with an option year from the Twins. In November, he rejected a 5-year, $93M extension through 2012 (4 years, $80M in new money).

This deal gives Johan Santana the largest contract ever for a pitcher.
The Largest Contracts for a Pitcher:
2-Zito 7yrs-$126m in 2007
3-Hampton 8yrs-$121m in 2001
4-K. Brown 7yrs-$105m in 1999
5-C. Zambrano 5yrs-$91.5m in 2007

This deal also goes down as one of the BIGGEST deals in Mets history. Other moves that all resulted in either winning a World Series or an appearance.
On 6-15-83 Mets traded for Kieth Hernandez from the Cardinals for 3 players
On 12-12-84 Mets traded for Gary Carter from the Expos for 4 players
On 5-22-98 Mets traded for Mike Piazza from the Marlins for 3 players

Here are Johan Santana's career numbers VS. the National League:
Games/Starts = 35/24
Wins/loses = 16-4
ERA = 2.27
IP = 182.2
K/BB = 191/46
Opp. BA. = .187

Here are Johan Santana's career numbers VS. the National League East:
Wins/losses = 6-2
ERA = 1.81
IP = 64.2
H = 46
K/BB = 68/16


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