Friday, February 1, 2008

Pedro wants to pitch beyond 2008

According to the New York Post.... Pedro Martinez's agent, Fernando Cuza, said Martinez wants to play beyond 2008. Martinez is due to make $11.5 million this year, the final season of his four-year Mets pact. "As long as he's able to pitch without the discomfort and the pain, he's going to want to play for a long time," Cuza said. "He enjoys the game."

... and hopefully in 2008, he can be a mentor for John Maine and Mike Pelfrey, while Johan Santana can teach Oliver Perez some of his tricks. If Pedro Martinez wants to pitch for a while, we should sign him to an extension. I'm pretty sure that he can be a good influence on our younger pitchers. Keep in mind that younger Latin free-agents, ala Fernando Martinez, signed with the Mets because of Pedro's presence on this team. We can't afford to lose that attraction.

If Pedro were to leave via Free-agency at the end of 2008, our rotation would like this...

Johan Santana
John Maine
Mike Pelfrey

That is assuming that Oliver Perez leaves via Free-agency too. I'm sure that one of Perez and Pedro, if not both, will want to return to the Mets after this season is over.