Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Door Open."

Astros outfielder Hunter Pence is used to crashing into the outfield wall. But scarcely had Spring Training begun before he crashed through a sliding glass door. “I just didn’t see the door and jumped through it,” he said “I have small cuts everywhere.” Pence had headed out to the hot tub when, as so many of us do, he decided to make a quick pit stop first. Unaware that while he was in the bathroom, an unnamed friend had closed the door, Pence attempted to leap through the portal to get to the other side. Instead of thin air, he found solid glass. Bleeding profusely, he was taken to the emergency room. But the 24-year old was lucky—-he cut no tendons or arteries, though he has lacerations all over his body and was wearing a knee brace today. Even so, he’ll only miss about a week of training as a result of the “freak accident,” as he described it. His teammates, however, are sure to keep the incident fresh in his mind.

Hey, at least he wasn’t also carrying a full cup of coffee at the time.


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