Monday, February 18, 2008

REDS Fans Do You Make The Trade For Blanton?

Could you pull the trigger? Could you make the deal to bring Joe Blanton to Cincinnati? I don’t think I could. It would be great, a third solid starter. A young guy, with a controllable salary for the next 3-4 years. He eats up innings, he throws ground balls, he strikes people out but doesn’t walk them. He’s a Kentucky boy for Pete’s sake! He’s perfect.

Unfortunately, the deal it would take to get it done is not perfect. Billy Beane usually gets what he wants. With Blanton being the “top pitcher available” on the trade front, Beane is holding the cards. He doesn’t have to trade Blanton, but he’s let everyone know that he is available. Oh, and Bedard and Santana are not available. He’s salivating at the mouth as we speak.

It would take a package of youthful prospects to attract Beane’s attention. For Cincinnati, that means including a Bruce (never gonna happen), a Votto, a Bailey, or a Cueto along with say a Maloney or a Volquez and throwing in a Stubbs for good measure. Would you have the guts to ship that kind of deal out.

I like Blanton. I really like Blanton. He’s the A’s number one starter at this point. He would fit in Cincinnati like a glove. I just don’t think I could deal a young stud. However, If it happened I would live with it and move on. I just couldn’t do it myself.

Who would you deal? Could you ship out a possible commodity for a proven arm? If forced I would probably try a Cueto and 2-3 minor league prospects deal. If that were passed on, I’d let it go. Bruce is untouchable, Votto is a nice fit, Bailey has too much local build up to not give a proper chance. Cueto seems to be the guy to fit the bill, although he could be the best of the Reds young bunch. What do you do?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

English lesson 101:
The way I wrote the sentence it's a question. A question starting with "would" requires and yes/no answer. Example: Would you pass the butter? Your answer requires a yes or no answer nothing else.
A question starting with "could" is more open ended. It requires more then a yes no answer, more thought. Example: Could you pass the butter? Your answer can vary.

Do some research before calling me out. It's not wrong. It may not be to your liking but believe me it's correct.
Your example is not a very good one. "Can I go to the bathroom?" "May I go to the bathroom?" Neither is wrong, it's just a matter of ones choice of words in asking a question.